Have Fun at Fall Encampment

Our older girls are heading to our annual Fall Encampment this weekend.  They’ll be cooking over a campfire, learning outdoor skills and making memories on the archery range, the low ropes course and the water. Have fun, girls!  


Renew Now!

Don’t forget to renew your registration before the end of the month. Those who don’t renew their registrations for the 2013-2014 program year by September 30th will need to re-enroll as new members. Yikes! Do it now – before you forget: https://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/vp/Home/tabid/166/Default.aspx?pid=28

First Aid Training is Coming

We’ve reserved two dates for our first-aid training classes: Nov 17th and Dec 7th First Aid & CPR certification are requirements for attending Winter Fun Camp, so don’t forget to get your training in! More details are coming soon. You will be able to register for these and other first-aid training classes online: https://sites.google.com/site/gsredcrosstraining/how-to-register


Fall Product

Please let Kimberly R., our Fall Product Manager, know ASAP if your troop will be participating in the Fall Product program this year. For details on the program, check out the River Valleys Council’s website: http://www.girlscoutsrv.org/cookies/snacks-magazines/

We Need Your Photos

Do you have photos of your troop to share?  We desperately need to update our website with photos of your troop at recent events or troop outings.  Also, do not forget that we want 2 photos of each troop for our Investiture/Re-dedication Ceremony.   You can send your photos to Kimberly R. or bring them…