Prairie Sun Leader/Troop SWAP Day

WHEN: Saturday April 23rd 10am – 2pm
WHERE: Dunn Bros Coffee Shop – Eden Prairie Rd
WHO: Girl Scout Leaders ONLY

If you have items to donate, please contact your troop leader.   If your leader is not participating, your troop may designate another adult to represent your troop at the event. Our event location just won’t accommodate a large crowd!

Swap Day
Swap Day is part of the Forever Green Council wide Take Action program this year.
This day helps fulfill one of the requirements for the patch – see waste reduction link on the page that opens with the link above.

Well what is it?
This is where you bring all of that left over or used Girl Scout stuff you have lying around to share with other troops who may need or want the items. Items like books, extra patches, craft supplies, camping items, t-shirts, uniform pieces, etc – anything you think a Girl Scout troop can use. You drop off what you don’t need and you can browse through other troops left overs and can take what you can use. Please only bring items in good/useable condition. If you wish to drop off items please do so between 10am-10:30am.

Start collecting items from around your house – you can check with your families, too. Please note the actual day is for leaders only; if your leader cannot make it, please designate a person to represent your troop. So gather up as much as you want and bring it on down.