I ♥ Girl Scouts

Do you have a K-12 girl interested in joining Girl Scouts in Eden Prairie?  New registrations are accepted all year ’round.  Please contact us at registrar@prairiesungirlscouts.org.

We  Girl Scouts…

and we know you will, too. Here are some just some of the reasons why:

“I think it’s a safe, fun activity where girls learn to be great citizens.”
– Larissa, Troop Leader (Daisies)

“it helps girls develop respect for self and others.”
– Julie, Troop Leader (Brownies)

“it gives girls a change to go camping and learn outdoor skills.”
– Karen, Troop Leader (Juniors)

“it makes me happy to see the girls having fun, making friends, having new experiences, doing things that challenge them and accomplishing goals that they’ve set.”
– Lori, Troop Leader (Cadettes)

“it turns young girls into confident women.  I have had the privilege of being a leader for 11 years and watched girls grow.”
– Pamela, Troop Leader (Seniors)

“it allows me to be connected to my daughters and to be a part of their leadership journey.”
– Beth, Troop Leader (Brownies)

“provides opportunities to learn new skills and develop new friendships in a safe environment where my daughters can test themselves and grow.”
– Michele, Troop Leader (Juniors & Cadettes)

“I like to help girls learn to be the best they can and become great leaders.”
– Sharon, Troop Leader (Juniors & Seniors)

“it teaches my girls confidence and independence.”
– Lisa, Troop Leader (Brownies)

“I enjoy watching the girls become young leaders.  Each year they take on more responsibilities and see success from it.”
– Cindy, Troop Leader (Cadettes)

“it gives me time to spend time with my grand-daughters and their friends and to share the awesome things that I did as a Girl Scout.”
– Sandie, Troop Leader (Brownies & Cadettes)

“it teaches girls about the world around them from views that they may not otherwise get.”
– Betsy, Troop Leader (Brownies)

“girls grow from little Daisy Scouts into strong young women.  They have a safe & fun environment to try new experiences.”
– Nancy, Troop Leader (Cadettes)

“it gives girls a vehicle for connecting that is not centered on any one thing.  Girls try new things, develop leadership skills and have many diverse opportunities.”
– Troop Leader